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Conversation 669 at SHOWstudio

New film installation 'Conversation 669' featured on Nick Knight's SHOWstudio blog From the website: 'SHOWstudio is a committed supporter of fashion film and aspiring creatives. To show this support, Nick Knight asks filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio - a selection of submissions that Knight finds impressive or inspiring feature on SHOWstudio.

Lyndsay Martin's work is the most recent to feature on SHOWstudio. The London-based artist's film, entitled Conversation 669, features textured clips of natural and man-made materials. In an exploration of the tactility and sensory nature of memories, the film employs a split screen to highlight the duality between reality and remembering and is set to a soundtrack by band Red Kite.

Watch the film now!'

Conversation 669 at SHOWstudio

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